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History of company

1943 Establishment of Tanaka Kiichiro-shop by Kiichiro Tanaka
1950 Establish THE KIICHI TOOLS CO.,LTD.
The founder,Kiichiro Tanaka becomes the president.
1955 Set UP Export Section for the expansion of international trade.
1958-1967 Domestic offices open ;Tokyo,Nagoya,
Fukuoka,Kanazawa,and Takamatsu
1970 Head office Builiding completed.Open Rotterdam office.
1972 Establish the sister company,ESCO Excellent Co.,Ltd.
1973 Kiichiro Tanaka becomes the Chairman of THE KIICHI TOOLS CO.,LTD.
Kozo Tanaka succeeds president.
1976 Set up EDP sec.for intensive control of computer data system
1977 Expansion of ESCO Sales distribution
1980 Capital increase to JPY95,000,000(95mil.)
Receive the award/third times as a superior
Company from Osaka-Nishi Tax-office
1981 Open Sendai Office
1983 Chirman,Kiichiro Tanaka is chosen as the OJYUHOSHO-AWARDEE by Japanese
government to appreciate his long year's contribution to internationl trade.
1990 Open Northern Tokyo Office
1991 Mid-Term Sales Strategy plan starts
Okayama Logistic Center opens
1993 50th Year Business Anniversary
Do various activities for social contribution
1997 Office-IT link starts
2000 Construction of New CRM
System/Coustomer Relation Management on
the basis of products data satars Establish
KW Tools B.V a jyoint company in Netherlands
2001 Strengthen the CRM in Shanghai,China.
Receive the award/7 times as a suprerior
company from Osaka-Nishi Tax Office
Development of IT/ESCO-Web,FAXCOR System
2002 Reorganization into three departments/
Marketing Sales,Sales Center,and
Co-operate Center.
Obtain ISO 14001 certificate
KODAMA SHOJI,LTD.joins the group.
2003 OGAWAZEN,LTD.joins the group.
2004 New Office Building next to Head Office
completed.KODAMA and OGAWAZEN move to Head Office
Building.Completion of centralization for Joyful-Cube Group
2008 Kozo Tanaka takes office as the Chirman and
Ken Tanaka suceeds to the President
2009 Merge a group company,Kodama Shoji,Ltd.
2011 Establish K Plus J Tools Co.,Ltd.,a joint venture in Thailand.

The Kiichi Tools Co.,Ltd.
3-8-14, Itachibori Nishi-ku, Osaka , Japan
Tel: 81-6-6538-1531
Fax: 81-6-6534-1260

Certified according
to ISO14001